Weekday lunch

While breakfast is the same day after day, my weekday lunch varies. Sometimes it’s chili in my thermos. There was a long streak of turkey sandwiches in my early twenties that made a brief comeback recently. Rice and beans was a daily occurrence last winter, but peanut butter sandwiches always sneak their way in on a regular basis.

Peanut butter on toasted bread

Sometimes I toast the bread, sometimes I add jelly or banana or honey, but there’s always creamy peanut butter involved and these days it gets carried in a wrap-n-mat.

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I had an almond butter sandwich (1/2) for lunch today on Dave’s Good Seed Bread. Hit the spot. Think I’ll try it toasted tomorrow.

Mom I had no idea you were so exotic with your nut butters. I think the toasting helps with the texture.

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