Have you had pretzel m&ms? They are fantastic. A little salty, a little crunchy, a little deliciousy.

Definitely my favorite m&m

What’s yours?

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I just ate some peanut m&m’s before I read this! Got them at the 75% off rack of Halloween candy at the local drugstore. Yum

Man, I didn’t see any clearance candy this year.

Chelsey, yeah you better try them! ASAP!

My vote is for the peanut butter. Peanut butter and chocolate is a marriage made in heaven!!! I tried the pretzel…I am not a fan. Although, I do think the commercials are funny!!

Pretzel! Pretzel! I’d stand outside the polling place and hold up a sign that said that to convince the voters to swing that way. That’s how much I love them. I put them under my popcorn so they get a little bit melty, and it. is. so. good.

Well, if I drove by your sign, I’d honk my horn in support.

Vote for change. Vote for pretzel.

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