Second birthday

Somewhere there’s someone with a birthday today! Someone who has come a long way since her first birthday and her birth day!

Two candles in a birthday donut with sprinkles

First thing in the morning, before candles, Hazel hosted a tea party

Her two new dinosaurs, Don and Dad, complete our Pteranodon family

This one’s just silly

Here’s how Hazel looks when we sing the happy birthday song to her — a little bit shy!

Blowing out candles at Oliver’s house (from earlier this week)

Hazel’s not the only one enjoying Hazel’s birthday

8 replies on “Second birthday”

What an adorable birthday girl and what an adorable birthday donut with sprinkles!!!
I also like Hazel’s idea of a birthday morning tea party!
p.s. The kitty pic is pretty funny, too!

A happy HAPPY birthday to that girl! Two is HUGE. Isn’t amazing how much they ‘get it’ now? Brita and I were together on Hazel’s birthday, having a great day involving multiple activities, and we toasted her several times! xoxoxoxox

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