Ovver’s house

Happiest Hazel ever: “Ovver sit next to Hazel” and “Ovver bite donut by hinself”

Oliver’s house was decorated for Hazel’s birthday celebration

Following Ovver’s lead

Climbing on Ovver’s things

More climbing on Ovver’s things

Playing with Ovver’s legos

Drawing at Ovver’s table

Falling down with Ovver himself

Found hiding in Ovver’s bed

Story break with guess who?

10 replies on “Ovver’s house”

Hazel’s pretty lucky to have the COOLEST cousin EVER. Who wouldn’t want to do everything Ovver does?

Hazel reminds me of myself (the “little sister”) wanting to do everything my big brother did! Oliver seems to be a good sport, while my brother did not enjoy this little trick. Luckily, we have since made up 😉 Was Hazel wondering why she can’t bite her donut by herself? Or was she just admiring his chewing abilities?

Hazel was admiring Oliver’s biting abilities and becoming determined to give it a try herself. Prior to Oliver’s chomping she’d already opted for her bites to be sliced by a “growmup.”

This series is a sheer delight!! Hazel looks SO excited and happy! “Ovver” is, indeed, a good sport, adorable and an awesome cousin!

The bed episode was particularly delightful. She was beyond excited to be hiding in Oliver’s bed…and was beside herself when she somehow successfully hid from us for a moment and elicited actual surprise!

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