First haircut

Trying unsuccessfully to interest Hazel in the smock

Jennifer is so talented that she can cut the hair of a toddler lying on her mom’s shoulder!

All done!

Today’s hero: hair cutter and piano player (Thanks a million Jennifer!)

New ‘do. We love it!

Side view

From behind

Playing night night with Grandma Linda

Reading Knuffle Bunny Too in front of the fireplace

9 replies on “First haircut”

WOW! Jennifer is amazing! Hazel’s hair looks BEAUTIFUL, and I don’t see any sign of tears. Kudos to everyone involved.

Hazel was reluctant to sit on her own, but was very clear that there was going to be “no crying” from hair cutting. And yes, Jennifer really is amazing!

Love Hazel’s haircut! We were hoping we would get to see some photos of the process. Nice work Jennifer!

BIG milestone. Just huge.
Point of reference: Would you believe that Brita Kate was 4 yrs. 7 mos. when she had HER first haircut? 🙂

Ditto on the new “do.” Jennifer is a master and Hazel looks even MORE beautiful! (if that’s even possible!)

Wow, that’s a great haircut! Now you can really see those beautiful curls. Way to go, Jennifer and Hazel!

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