New playground

Captured climbing

Nice view from the slide

Bucket swing hiding

These steps were toddler friendly in every way

Hazel demonstrated new interest in the big kid “black swing”

No idea what this was about. What a silly goose!

It’s a little sad when your dandelion wilts while you play

8 replies on “New playground”

Thanks Abbey! Yes, the new playground is walking distance in this nice weather.

The new playground looks as great as you described!! Looks like a great slide too. All in all seems like a wonderful day save for the wilt-y dandelion.

Hazel looks like she’s having a ball! I love the shot of her hangin’ out on the steps (and yes, the sweater is great.)

Brings back good memories of the other day. (I know you’re just trying to keep up with Theodore in the number-of-playgrounds-in-our-repertoire department. 😉 Good luck to you!)

Thank you — We’ll need all the luck we can get! Pretty sure we’ll never ever catch up.

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