All loaded up and ready to “go to Costco”

“Eating together” (Hazel can now feed Lincoln all by herself and sometimes sticks around to snack on dry cereal while he eats his kibble)

Miniature playthings (Here the little kitty was having its own cup of “own cocoa”)

Hazel still resists being photographed, but less severely than before

3 replies on “Smorgasbord”

This is a great series! Were you really “going to Costco” or was Hazel playing pretend? I like that she brought all of the necessary Costco trip supplies – frog backpack, wicker purse, and what appears to be a set of books(?)

It was a pretend trip. She started out going to school with her backpack and “lunchbox” (that would be the box that once contained books) but after adding the straw bag it became a trip to Costco. Last time she geared up just like that she was pretending to head to the airport 🙂

Yes! That first pic is beyond cute! She looks like she could also be heading to the beach! I love that Hazel and Lincoln get to share some quality (eating) time together!

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