Landry Keller Cain

Birth day! June 3rd! (6 lb 12 oz and 19.5 inches of cute)

Family of four! Wow!

Hazel was very interested in Landry’s “tiny baby fingers”

She was also interested in his “tiny baby toes” and brought booties from her own infanthood for baby brother to wear

Touching his soft baby hair

Quick, cover your eyes! (Landry has already learned this trick from Hazel)

There he is

All wired up for his hearing screening

Grampy with Landry

Grammy with Landry

Landry at about 12 hours old (seem familiar to anyone?)

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Wow Wow Wow! WOW about all the pictures, and also getting up such a big post so quickly! You guys are amazing! And such a beautiful family of four! HOORAY!!!

You look like an EXTREMELY happy family of four (and the grandparents look pretty happy, too)! Love to all!

These are pictures for the ages. I’m still wrapping my head around how Katie gets to look so put together and fabulous at this point. Wow! As for those video clips – they are so eerily similar, especially in the eyes. One difference is that Landry puts on a pretty good display of rooting. Maybe this guy is gonna like to EAT. I love the newborn repertoire: yawn, hiccup, sneeze, root, repeat. 🙂
SO many congratulations to all. oxo

These pictures are so special! The Cain family of four! Hazel looks like a doting big sister already and I know she is going to teach Landry all the rules of the road. You all look so great and happy!
Much Love,

W O W is right! What a beautiful family!! Love ALL the pix and yes, both videos are amazingly similar! Enjoy!

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