Coming home

Sneaking some snuggles during the last morning of our hospital stay

All dressed and ready to go

What is this thing?

Ok, I surrender

Family of four pajama time

Following the Landry the leader during our short stroll around the block

Balance beam practice

3 replies on “Coming home”

Welcome home, Landry! Did Hazel give you a house tour? Did she introduce you to Lincoln?

She did give him a house tour! She started by showing him some of her favorite toys, then showed him his own mobile and then brought him to her room and invited him to try out her big girl bed. It was very sweet.

Yes, Welcome home, indeed! I’m very grateful to be able to share such an intimate, momentous event. You ALL look so relaxed and happy! It’s interesting that Hazel seems to have matured SO MUCH since the birth of her baby brother!!

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