Tropical island

We’ve been to the beach!

Cayman Tuesday:

Auntie Kate and Uncle Had helped build sand castles

Hazel took a rest occasionally

Lunch with a view

Sea hair

More sand construction

Beach nap

Cayman Wednesday:

Early morning beach walk

Look at that cool dude

Dancing shadows

Hazel could not get enough of the water

Racing in the sand with Grammy

What’s this stuff?

Hmm, Hazel seems to like it

Whole family in the sea

Cayman Thursday:

Moment before impact


Hazel and Uncle Had sillying in the surf

Cayman Friday:

A rainbow saw us off on our departure day

6 replies on “Tropical island”

Guys! This looks like paradise! Look at that blue water! And sand! And warmth! And fun! Wow!

The warm temps were delightful. Here’s to spring arriving here soon!

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