Back home

Coloring with scented markers

Did you catch the sprouts in the foreground of the last picture? The seeds Hazel planted two weeks ago with Portia are growing nicely!

“HEAZL” Favorite letters. Hazel often writes the letters of her name out of order right now

Who’s this big boy and how did he get so big?

Irresistible toesies

Not crawling but with a longer reach every day

These two have their own thing going

For sure

2 replies on “Back home”

Fantastic lighting in those first two photos. I peeked in your Picasa album, and it looks like you’re sporting a new(ish) camera. (Perhaps you’ve had it awhile.) Beautiful.
And – it’s official: Landry’s upper eyelashes actually TOUCH his eyebrows. Wow!

It is a new camera! I’m still getting used to it. Much to my dismay my old one stopped working. And yes — Landry’s eyelashes DO touch his eyebrows! They’re wild…and much admired by friends and strangers alike.

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