The animals are saved

The frosted cookie animals with sprinkles, that is.

Kellogg’s knows a good thing when they see it and will take over production.  Hopefully the cookies will remain the same.

In other cookie news, I am two batches into my holiday baking.  You saw the sugar cookie cutouts.  This weekend I whipped up some peanut butter blossoms.  You know, with the Hershey Kisses on top?

All this baking is kind of a lot of work.

3 replies on “The animals are saved”

I knew someone would take over the cookie production. Too good to let them just fade away. I have made shortbread cookies with milk chocolate chips. Yummy. Also spiced walnuts, not a cookie but a delicious treat. Next up are linzer cookies, then rosettes, krumkake, gingerbread cookies, and of course cain candy

Oh man, Oliver will love them. I am a little worried that Kelloggs only took the recipe and none of the workers, but hopefully the cookies will remain deliciously sprinkly.

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