Winter warmer time

The holiday season brings not just cookies.  It brings beer.  I happen to have a soft spot for Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale.

On the Sam Adams site, it is referred to as the Christmas cookie of beer.  It does have some spices, but I wouldn’t say it reminds me of a cookie.  Perhaps they mean that it’s just as delicious and festive as a cookie.  That I’ll buy.

And I’d buy more of this stuff if I didn’t have to take the entire 12 bottle winter classics pack just to get it.  Within the collection sits a couple bottles of disgusting Cranberry beer.  While I’ve yet to meet a beer that will ruin my pot of chili when dumped in and cooked up, I only make so many batches of chili.  So I’ll stick with just the two measly bottles of Old Fezziwig.  After all, there are other holiday beers to be enjoyed.

Last year I tried the Harpoon Winter Warmer.  While some people really love it, the rest of my six pack ended up in the chili.  The two I did enjoy last year were He’Brew Jewbelation and Rogue’s Santa’s Private Reserve.  I do also like the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, though I think I’ll have to enjoy that when I’m home for the holidays as it isn’t available around here.

Does anyone have a favorite holiday beer or do you just stick with your everyday favorites?

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I just saw that one of the local watering holes is offering up the Anchor Christmas Ale as their December guest tap. I guess I’ll have to bust on over there.

If I can’t find the Deschutes around here, you guys better pick some up for Christmas.

N8, Thanks for the heads up on the Maritime Jolly Roger. We are heading out to buy some. The Anchor Brewery Christmas Ale sounds like another one we’d like to try.

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